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Our firm represents clients who have been injured in a wide range of accidents and circumstances. We have represented clients at trial and in appeals cases, helping to recover well-deserved compensation.

Criminal Defense

We’re a team of criminal defense lawyers that goes the extra mile to guide you through the criminal justice process. From DUI attorneys and DWI lawyers to assault, and other crime issues, we create the best defense for your case.

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Get expert advice on home buying and financing, real estate law, property ownership, renting and landlord rights, homestead protection, and tenant rights. With us, you can feel secure that your legal interest is in good hands.


We also provide expert legal services for any divorce-related issue, including divorce mediation, child custody, alimony, and the equitable distribution of assets. Our goal is to get you through this difficult time with dignity and peace of mind.

Expert Criminal Defense Lawyers in CT

At the Law Offices of Robert F. Dwyer Jr., LLC we recognize that you face more than criminal charges when arrested. You face the potential of losing everything, from your career to your family, all because of one charge. However, with a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side, you can reduce your sentence or, in some cases, have all charges dropped entirely.

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An experienced attorney will be able to identify the cruxes of the prosecution’s case, challenge the credibility of the witnesses, and make convincing arguments in court. Some criminal defense lawyers in CT will not tell you this, but take it from our experts — we know what has a chance of working and what does not. If you or your loved one has been arrested for a crime in the state of Connecticut, it is vital to hire an experienced and dedicated attorney who will fight to defend your rights and freedom. There;s no law firm in CT like the Law Offices of Robert F. Dwyer Jr., LLC.

Our criminal defense firm is well-versed in criminal law. We provide effective representation to defendants in a broad range of cases, including felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic crimes. Whether you’re looking for a DUI lawyer in CT, a DWI attorney, or any criminal justice lawyer for crime-related issues, we’ll do everything we can to protect your freedom, reputation, and future.

We Focus on Every Area of Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense firm is a diligent advocate for those who have been accused of criminal wrongdoing. We are dedicated to fighting for your freedom, and we refuse to rest until every possible defense strategy is pursued. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys deftly navigate all trial proceedings and zealously defend against attacks on a criminal defendant’s conviction, sentence, or right to a fair hearing.
Our firm’s wide-ranging practice spans every aspect of criminal defense, representing clients with the following criminal charges:
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Misdemeanor vs Felony

In Connecticut, criminal charges are classified into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanor charges involve violating a law that’s punishable by less than a year in prison, while felony charges involve more serious violations that may result in more than a year behind bars. If you face such a case, your criminal defense attorney can explain the charges against you and your possible defenses that are outlined in Connecticut GS 53 through 54.
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Being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony can have serious consequences, including time in prison, hefty fines, and more. However, each criminal case is unique and has a specific set of facts that define the crime for which you are charged. For that reason, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in your corner. With the help of a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Torrington, CT, they will help you understand the charges you’re facing, evaluate your legal options, and protect your rights.

While the prosecution might try to paint you as a hardened criminal with no chance of innocence, we have the proven experience and skill to fight for your acquittal. As veteran criminal defense lawyers in CT, we have a wealth of experience defending clients and helping them achieve the not guilty verdict they deserve.

We Go The Extra Mile For Our Clients

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Don't Face the Police Alone

If you’re charged with a crime, you have the right to be represented by a CT defense attorney per the Constitution. You may be able to represent yourself, but not in all cases.

The decision of whether a defendant can represent themselves depends on the following factors:

Type of crime committed
Educational background
Language skills
Defendant’s understanding of the criminal justice process
The defendant willingly dropped his/her right to legal counsel

If your case is not settled with the state’s attorney, it may proceed to a pre-trial negotiation or court trial. Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have already been charged with a crime and need legal representation, contact attorneys from our firm as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.
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Practice Areas

When your freedom is at stake, you need a civil rights attorney who will fight for you. The Law Offices of Robert F. Dwyer, Jr., LLC have successfully represented hundreds of criminal defendants to attain positive results. With decades of combined experience, our lawyers are among the most qualified to handle even the most complex sort of criminal cases.

If you’re looking for a DWI or DUI lawyer in CT or any type of criminal defense lawyer, the Law Offices of Robert F. Dwyer, Jr. is the place to go. We handle every aspect of your case on your behalf, from the paperwork to your defense in court,

Our Practice

Business Acquisition Procedure

We also help clients protect their assets and businesses through all stages of the business acquisition process, starting from the early investigation, preservation of the client’s assets, and ending with closing transactions.

Whether your business is experiencing disputes with clients or vendors, contracts need to be reviewed for compliance, or you are being sued, our litigation attorneys can work with you to achieve a favorable outcome.
Contract Litigation

Offering the finest representation, we focus on the defense of small and medium-sized businesses in all types of contract litigation, including breach of contract, insurance coverage, bad faith, fraud, and business torts.

Helping Individuals Seeking Post-Conviction Relief

Although being convicted of a crime may seem like a devastating outcome, protecting your rights and fighting for a criminal record expungement can help you re-establish your reputation and resume your life. With the help of our skilled criminal defense attorney in CT, we can help you obtain the outcome you deserve.

The Connecticut Board of Pardon and Parole has the discretion in determining whether or not a pardon is justified. The board will consider the nature of the person’s offense, rehabilitation, and good character. Thus, our firm helps you prepare for these to ensure you get the expungement you deserve. We help people who have been convicted of crimes get pardoned by providing guidance, support, coaching, and representation for all the steps involved in the pardon process, including any hearings that might be necessary.

With a clean record, ex-convicts can improve their lives, get better jobs, and make use of opportunities otherwise unavailable to them. We have helped individuals across the state to lift a conviction from their records.

Get Your Warrant Removed

Warrants are issued by a court when probable cause exists to believe that an individual has committed a criminal offense. However, a warrant can be removed by appearing before a judge, who will then decide whether there is a foundation for the warrant or not. The judge may choose to modify the provisions of the warrant or it may be removed entirely.

In some cases, a warrant is issued by a court when an individual has failed to comply with a subpoena or an order of the court. Furthermore, a court may remove an individual’s warrant without his appearing before the court if, for example, the attorney can prove that the individual attended a required rehabilitation class.

When you face a warrant, it’s important to have representation by criminal defense lawyers who have comprehensive knowledge in the areas of search and arrest warrants. The Law Offices of Robert F. Dwyer, Jr. has extensive experience with all types of warrants. We can help you remove your warrant effectively. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact us today to request a free consultation.

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